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Fiere Internazionali di Taiwan

Nome della fiera : Taipei Int''l Sporting Goods Show
Date della fiera : 2018/03/08 ~ 2018/03/10

Fitness Equipment, Sport Balls, Golf Equipment, Massage Products, Camping Supplies.

Nome della fiera : Taiwan Int''l Woodworking Machinery Show
Date della fiera : 2018/04/02 ~ 2018/04/05

Machines & Equipment for Primary Processing (Production of Veneer & Plywood, Sawmilling, etc.) and Secondary Processing (Sawing, Planing, Moulding, Turning, Edge Banding, Finger Jointing, Boring, Tenoning, Mortising, Sanding, Machining, etc.); Machines & Equipment for Surface Finishing, Special Processes, Special Product Groups, and Maintenance of Tools; Tools and Auxiliaries...

Nome della fiera : International Fastener Show
Date della fiera : 2018/04/10 ~ 2018/04/12

Nuts, Bolts and Screws, Fastener Manufacturing Equipment, Fastener Tools, Meters & Instruments, Assortment of Fastener.

Nome della fiera : Taipei Int''l Auto Parts & Accessories Show
Date della fiera : 2018/04/11 ~ 2018/04/14

Automobiles Parts, Lamps and Application of LEDs, Engine Parts, Electrical Parts for Engine, Power Train System, Steering, Brake and Brake Control Systems, Automobile Frame and Parts, Suspension and Chassis Systems, Customized Performance Auto Parts, Pneumatic Tires & Tubes, Auto Repair Tools, Car Care Products, etc.

Nome della fiera : Taiwan Int''l Motorcycle Industry Show
Date della fiera : 2018/04/12 ~ 2018/04/15

Motorcycles & ATV, UTV, Heavy Duty Motorcycle, Scooters, Engines and Parts, Motorcycle Frames, Motorcycle Parts and Accessories, Motorcyclists'' Accessories, Customized Bikes and Accessories, Noise, Emission Inspection Equipment, Maintenance Equipment, Components and Accessories Manufacturing Equipment, Customized Bikes& Accessories

Nome della fiera : Taiwan Int''l Electric Vehicle Show
Date della fiera : 2018/04/12 ~ 2018/04/15

Electric Vehicles (e-cars, e-motorcycles, e-scooters, other e-vehicles),Drive and Motor Systems,Energy Storage Technology,Energy & Recharging Infrastructure,Test Systems& Services

Nome della fiera : Taiwan SOUVENIR & HANDICRAFT Show
Date della fiera : 2018/04/19 ~ 2018/04/22

Local Specialties, Gift Food Packages, Handicraft Items, Festival Gifts, Wedding & Baby Shower Gifts, Resort Merchandise, Food & Beverages, Culinary Goods … and much more !

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